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Made Coffee & Altered Craft Team Up to Bring Cold Brew and Quality Beans to Tampa Bay

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Made Coffee Cold Brew Cans

Clearwater, FL – Made Coffee, a pioneer in the craft coffee industry, is excited to announce its partnership with Altered Craft Distribution, a leading hyper-local craft beverage distributor. This collaboration will introduce a wide range of Made Coffee products, including cold brew coffee in kegs and cans, as well as premium coffee beans, to the discerning coffee lovers of the Tampa Bay Area.

Made Coffee has long been committed to sourcing the finest coffee beans and crafting exceptional coffee experiences. Their cold brew coffee has gained a cult following for its rich and smooth flavor, making it a favorite among those seeking a refreshing coffee option. Now, thanks to the partnership with Altered Craft Distribution, Made Coffee's cold brew coffee will be readily available throughout Tampa Bay.

"We are thrilled to team up with Altered Craft Distribution to expand our reach and share our passion for great coffee with even more people," said Joey Redner, Partner in Made Coffee. "Tampa Bay has a vibrant coffee culture, and we're excited to be a part of its growth"

Altered Craft Distribution is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in the beverage industry. By partnering with Made Coffee, they aim to cater to the growing demand for premium coffee experiences in the Tampa Bay Area.

Made Coffee Roasters

"We see this partnership as a perfect synergy between two companies dedicated to delivering top-notch products," said Mike Ryan, Co-owner of Altered Craft Distribution. "Made Coffee's commitment to quality aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our customers with the best possible options that go beyond craft beer. Together, we'll elevate the coffee scene in Tampa Bay."

Customers in the Tampa Bay Area can expect to find a variety of Made Coffee products at their favorite local cafes, restaurants, and retailers. Whether it's the convenience of ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in cans, the versatility of cold brew kegs for businesses, or the joy of brewing their own coffee with premium whole beans sustainably sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, and Honduras, Made Coffee and Altered Craft Distribution have something to satisfy every coffee craving.

To celebrate this partnership and welcome Made Coffee to the Tampa Bay Area, a series of launch events and tastings will be held throughout the region in the coming months. Coffee enthusiasts are encouraged to follow Made Coffee and Altered Craft Distribution on social media for updates and event details.

Starting October 1st, Made Coffee Traditional Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew will be available in 12oz can cases and draft kegs, along your favorite Whole Coffee Beans in 5lb Bulk bags or in 6/12 oz Bag Cases. Whether it’s the dark roast of “Dark Side of Hustle” from Brazil & Colombia or the lighter “Suncoast Roast” from Guatemala, Made Coffee and Altered Craft Distribution will be able to provide your business with some of the best caffeinated options in the area.

Made Coffee Draft

About Made Coffee:

Made Coffee, founded in 2015 is a St. Pete-based coffee company dedicated to crafting exceptional coffee experiences. Made sources the finest coffee beans from around the world and takes great pride in producing cold brew coffee that is smooth, flavorful, and refreshing. Made Coffee believes that great coffee is an art form, and their passion shines through in every sip.

Instagram: @madecoffee

About Altered Craft Distribution:

Altered Craft Distribution is a craft beverage distributor based in Largo, Florida. Their mission is to provide customers with unique and flavorful craft beverages sourced from independent, small-batch producers.

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